Our Presses

Vandercook C15 Proof Press

The Vandercook is an American made, hand-operated, cylinder proofing press. Many are still being used in the USA by the new breed of letterpress enthusiasts.

Inkspotpress has a beautifully restored Vandercook proofing press (serial no. 23103), manufactured in 1963 that has been exquisitely refurbished by Basil Head.

It has a maximum sheet size of  36 cm x 46 cm.



FAG Swissproof 40 Proof Press

As the name suggests, this hand-operated press was manufactured in Lausanne Switzerland in the 1950’s. It has slightly more rollers in the inking train and 4 front lays to the Vandercook’s 2 lays.

It has a maximum sheet size of 38 cm. x 53 cm.
The maximum image area is 32 cm. x 43 cm.




Accurate Register
Both presses have micrometer adjustment of front and side lays to give very accurate register when printing 2 or more colours.


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